Sangucheria Peruana
Home-made from local products
All ours meats come from farmers that take care of their animals as we take care of our dishes.
Our bread is made every morning with passion and love by Frédéric Lalos, MOF boulanger (Best baker in France), 100% with flour from France.
Pollo a la brasa
Roasted chicken in a charcoal oven, marinated with peruvian spices, fresh salad, Apu sauce.

Fried fish, marinated with lime and spices, cebichera sauce, plantain chips, red onion.

Confit pork belly, coriander, chili, lime, sweet potatoes. The Peruvian classic.
Asado de res
Slowly roasted beef in a charcoal oven, sauteed onions, cheddar, pickles.

Fried squid in chickpeas flour, pardon peppers, dried tomatoes mayonnaise, chimichurri, lime.

Peruvian quinoa salad
White and black quinoa, straciatella, cucumber, radish, ahi Amarillo dressing, coriander oil.
Fish tartare

Catch of the day, cachanga, cebichera sauce, seasonal vegetables.

Beef tataki
Smoked beef, loco salted sauce, cherry tomatoes, coriander, crispy fries.

Pimientos de padrón
Yogurth-lime sauce, spiced salt.

Chicken empanadas
Wood charcoal roasted chicken, sauce ahi de gallina.

Fried squid in a chickpeas flour, chimichurri sauce, rococo cream, coriander.

Anticucho criollo
Beef heart skeweers, marinated anticuchera sauce, choclo corn, chimichurri, rocoto ali-oli.
Fried chicken
Peruvian fried chicken, nikkei sauce, pickled vegetables in rice vinegar.
Octopus charcoal grilled
Garlic chips, black olives powder, chimichurri, potato veloute.
Double cooked fries, Apu sauce.

Roasted sweet potato
Roasted in a charcoal oven with olive oil and fresh coriander.

Roasted choclo corn with cheese
White peruvian corn roasted in a charcoal oven, melted cheese, chalaquita sauce.

Fried cassava
Special fried smash cassava, crispy and soft with herbs and rocoto sauce.

Peruvian cheesecake
White chocolate and choclo corn baked cheesecake, creamy and soft.

7€ half/ 12€ full
Alfajores de manjar blanco
Soft cookie, manjar blanco, miso whipped cream, fresh green apple, caramelized hazelnut.

Chocolate cake
70% peruvian chocolate BIO ganache, crispy dough, caramel, sea salt.

Chicha morada
Fresh and fruity classic peruvian drink, infused with purple corn, fruits, spices and lime juice.

Cola maison BIO
Sparkling homemade cola, with a mix of secret spices.

Limonada BIO
Sparkling homemade lemonade with lime, lemon, ginger and lemongrass.

Fresh fruit smoothies
  • Lucuma, orange, physalis.
  • Maracuya, banane, pineapple.

35 rue Bergère, 75009, Paris
35 rue Bergère, 75009, Paris